Pam Miller

Pam Miller sings straight from the heart, with a warm, personal style that draws listeners in. She is not content merely to sing the song well, but to experiment with the mood, rhythm and melody so that each performance is fresh and unique. Her musical ensembles range from simple duos all the way up up to 18-piece big bands that perform eclectic mixes of jazz standards, blues, sambas (often sung in native Portuguese), and classic pop standards with a creative jazz twist.

Pam herself is no stranger to the music business. By the age of 17 she was already touring and performing at venues all over the country. She intensified her voice training in college while continuing to explore and expand her musical interests. Pam has evolved through traditional and Brazilian jazz, blues, R&B and also performed everything from classical operettas and music theater to rock, country, reggae and pop stylings.

The Pam Miller Band, a major chapter in Pam's career, was formed to feature some of the Delmarva Peninsula's most creative and dynamic musicians while performing everywhere from festivals to nightclubs and concert venues. Her band has been previously featured as Rehoboth Jazz Festival headliners. Have a look at the Pam Miller Band page where you can check out the band history along with photos and musician links.

Pam's latest project creation is an Andrews Sisters tribute act featuring the Delmarvalous Dolls. Their authentic show recreates the swing and boogie-woogie sound of the World War II era and includes a patriotic veteran's tribute.

In an industry where labels dominate, Pam refuses to be defined by any one style of music. Instead, she draws from many different genres to create a sound all her own.